Online Sessions

I often receive questions about online sessions and if they really work, you may even be wondering that too. The answer is YES! Online hypnotherapy has been thoroughly researched and all the studies show it is just as effective as an in person clinical hypnotherapy session.

All online sessions are conducted via a secure encrypted video chat.
HIPAA compliant, the service I employ uses end-to-end encryption where your conversation is always private, confidential, and off-the-record.

Clients love the convenience of being able to connect from work, their own home or wherever they feel most comfortable. Online sessions allow you to avoid traffic & parking hassles, are less of a time commitment than if you had to schedule the extra travel time to the office. Online sessions are also more discreet, you don’t need to worry about spending time in the waiting room with other people.

If you have questions about whether online sessions are for you, please request your free 20 minute Discovery Call today. Most people are so pleasantly surprised by the experience, I think you will be too!

The Discovery Call is free and I do not book sessions without first seeing if we are a good fit to work together. Simply complete the form or call 800-981-6350 to request your time!

Bobbi Sizemore, C.Ht.
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