Can Hypnosis REALLY Help Me Lose Weight?

The weight loss industry is now estimated to be $30 billion dollars in the US alone! Gym memberships, food plans, fitness equipment & classes are all steps towards a healthier life. The key is finding a strategy that will support your long term weight goals and maintaining success once your goal is reached.

For some people, they are motivated by changes in their appearance.  Once they see any improvement, it propels them forward.  This “outside-in” approach is great, if that describes you, but most people really realize success when they work on the inside first.  The proper mindset, a S.M.A.R.T. goal, and focusing on the desired result are the elements of an “inside-out” strategy.

Making healthy meal choices and working out are vital factors to your success, but without the proper mindset, people often revert back to their old patterns.  Hypnosis is not a magic wand, darn it, but harnessing the power of your mind helps you stay consistent, on track and able to realize and maintain your ideal weight!

A qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist will help you with meal plans, fitness goals and behavior modification to allow you to, finally, gain control over your life and the choices you make.

With my specialty certification in weight loss, it is one of the areas I enjoy the most.  I provide weekly accountability, weight and measurement tracking, meal plans and fitness guidance. I work with personal trainers throughout the country, so when you are ready and no matter where you live, you can take your fitness goals to the next level!

Please contact me via call/text 310-927-1305 or email: to schedule a free telephone consultation.  I would love for you to be my next SUCCESS STORY!


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